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SICCServices platform

SICCServices is part of our ideal to integrate “People, Processes & Technology” and the name of our technological platform that aims to offer unique features, such as:


Insurance market has a high volume of information to be processed. As such, our platform allows these transactions to be carried out on a large scale, based on business rules previously designed in operational flows, gaining in productivity and efficiency.


Considering the responsibility to move high volume of confidential and restricted information, security is one of our premises. Our database is hosted in a cloud system, highly available and submitted to backup and contingency routines. In addition, transactions managed by us are encrypted end-to-end.


SICCServices provides user with a consolidated strategic view on user-friendly and intuitive dashboards with the objective of guiding previous decisions or evidences to be worked out in advance. This reading is possible from indicators that allow us to cross information and allow a prior view of possible impacts on business, whether economic, financial, operational or commercial ones.

Interactive and cooperative features

In an increasingly digital world, we could not fail to consider end-user integration with our platform in a cooperative way. With this access, the user will be able to interact with the navigability functions and available features that can revert to benefits.

Friendly Alerts

The information is dynamic and, therefore, requires intelligent interaction with interlocutors. SICCServices is parameterized with alerts that prevent deadlines or decision-making from being delayed, or even neglected. These are some of the premises for building our platform, which is based on a fundamental and evolutionary concept. Mobility nowadays is needed to adapt to the dynamic scenarios. In this sense, it is essential that our platform is evolutionary and ready to accompany our partners and customers.