Risks and Insurance Consulting

Risk and Insurance Consulting

Identifying risk exposures

We run the process of identifying risks scenarios that generate high losses in the productive process of the companies.
The anticipated identification of these risks and the adequate prevention contribute to purchase an insurance in a more effective and economically way.
We prepare a complete report containing the updated information of the company, its risk management culture, covering topics such as maintenance, protection, investments and claims costs.

Corporate Risks

The knowledge and experience in corporate risks, besides potential opportunities associated with them, change the organization’s competitive position significantly.
We work on the tracking, identification and analysis of financial, operational, hazard and strategic risks consolidating in an effective and consistent action plan, appropriated for your business. Our goal is to guarantee the achievement of your objectives and avoid eventual crisis that may affect your financial and non-financial results.
Maximize opportunities and minimize threats to your business by managing risks and adopting a strategic plan in a preventive and innovative way.

Gap Analysis

A company can take years to build its reputation and a few minutes to destroy it.
Based on the Gap Analysis we can help our clients to identify gaps in crisis management, business interruption, emergency or humanitarian aid.
These indicators are the guidelines for elaborating an action plan to the business continuity and are part of the social and environmental responsibility of any company.

Property Consulting

Each procedure that does not work well in a company offers a certain degree of risk. And it may represent a real problem in a near future.
The Property Consulting can assist the leaders team in having a good perspective of vulnerabilities and protect your business.
Our report will make you to enhance the culture of property maintenance by optimizing the financial resources application on the business operation.

Loss Prevention Control

New economy means a new corporate management behavior. The management team is responsible to establish their vulnerability information and make it valuable for the business.
We can help companies to increase their added value by consolidating the identified risks and implementing the necessary resources for the loss prevention plan.