You can count on our professionalism in these services and many other ones. Our service is unique. At SICCS+Seguros we take care of our clients in an exclusive and personal way, providing services in line with your expectation. That’s why we are a boutique house of personal services.
If you want further information, contact us and we will clarify all your doubts!!!

Auto insurance

We have products that will attend you and your vehicle from end to end. We work with the best insurers in the local market, and after understanding the overall needs, we put together a proposal that is in accordance with your expectation. In addition to the customized service that only a boutique house can offer to you.  Here you are no longer anyone, you are unique!

Individual Life Insurance

Your most important asset under our care.

What are you doing to protect the people you love? In case of health troubles, who will take care of you and your family?

Don’t worry. We will take care of everything for you!

The Individual Life Insurance of SICCS+Seguros will have the scope of coverage according to you and your family needs. With SICCS+Seguros you also have products that make it possible to pay up to 365 days in line with your income, in case you are unable to work for health reasons. Coverage for serious illnesses, woman insurance, among others, are also available in our portfolio. In other words, you and your health are always in the first place.

Home Insurance

Your home protected by SICCS+Seguros.

Only you know how much you worked to acquire what you have today. Do not assume unpredictable risks. Put in place a home insurance policy today and relax. With our expertise, we protect your house against several risks, with flexible plans and extensive assistance. Don’t worry, you just need to contact us!

Retirement Plan

Dream with your future and we assist you in your financial planning.

Invest now in a Retirement Plan and put your dream in place. With our team specialized in the financial market, we will make a plan and your future is guaranteed wherever you are. Call us and count on excellent return rates. Plan your future with us and be well succeeded!

Rental Surety Insurance

You just have to choose the best place to live or work. We take of the rest.

The Rental insurance is an alternative to the traditional rental surety agreement. This insurance fits for who want to rent a property and do not want to depend on anyone. We know how difficult and inconvenient it is to ask someone to be a guarantor in a rental agreement. Bear in mind, we provide you with the surety insurance to guarantee your rental agreement. We have the right solution for you!!!

Travel Insurance

Go and back with no surprises.

Do you know that trip you always planned? We truly want it to be pleasurable, unforgettable, and perfect, but it is not always like this. What do you do if you need any help with health issues or lost luggage? With whom can you count on so far away from home? With SICCS+Seguros you will have extensive medical, pharmaceutical, dental, luggage location and concierge coverage. All these services with 24-h support in Portuguese.